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Make amazing car with scaling in Photoshop | Car enhancements

Hello, dear viewers today “Clipping Path EU”- share you an awesome Car enhancements service tutorial about how can you make a Scaling Car with quick tips in Photoshop.
So, let’s get started-

First, choose a Car image which you want to make this effect. After choosing your car open it in Photoshop and do the same way by following this easy steps-

Car enhancements service process:

Step 1:

Open your image in Photoshop and make a copy of the car image background

Background copy

Step 2:

Here we need to make the Car image transparent. So we need to remove the background from this car image. You Cut out your car image background by the help of magic wand tool or Pen tool. Check out our tutorial for using-
> How to use the magic tool?
> How to use Pen tool?

After removing Car background image you will see like this Car


Step 3:

Make a copy of the transparent car image like the below image-


Step 4:

For Car enhancements service Turn on the move tool and go to Edit > Content aware tool


After activation that transparent box will show and you can make your car tiny or bigger by pressing the corner edge.


Step 5:

After that, you need to active crop tool for making this image template little bigger. Follow this image

Crop-Tool in Photoshop


But this process makes you main image ugly and uncomfortable. So we can apply one more thing here for car enhancements service.


  • Press (Q) key for making the Quick mask of the copy transparent layer.
  • Take brush tool and make the Hardness of this brush 100%.



  • Then paint over the car area like that


Step 6:

Go to Channel option and copy the Quick mask layer.


After that, you need to press Q for off the quick mask option. This image looks like that-


Press (Ctrl + D) for unselecting the selection area.

Step 7:

Then go to the Channel Quick selection layer and select it.  After that press (Ctrl + I).

Step 8:

Next again go to Channel layer and off the quick mask layer. Turn on the RGB mode.

Step 9:

Select the layer and again go to “Edit > Content” aware Tool. This is not at all check the protect option above the Photoshop menu bar and select here the quick mask option. You can bigger the car parts which you want.




This time you the Car image is not damaged.

Step 10:

If you want to larger it more, then again
> active Q (key) quick mask and copy the quick mask Channel layer


> Select the Car layer and go to Content aware tool.


> Larger you’re Car as you want

See the image below-



This is the before and after image –


Hey, this is little fun image editing, right? So, try to make one like this image. Thanks.

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