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Amazon Product Photo Requirements and Editing Process

Product photos are the curtail and vital part of any online/eCommerce business. Nobody can increase the product sell without having standard and beautiful product photos.  You know that every popular online product selling platform has different product photo requirements for making the photos standard to use. You know that in the online platform, there is using one photo as the main photos and others are using the sub photos. So, your main product photo is the representation of your product. It will be the first impression or attraction for the valuable customers. That’s why you just need to have clear, perfect color combination, more informatics, and perfect sized photos in your online platform to increase your sell. So, as a great seller, you should always care about your photos and it’s quality.


Today we are writing about Amazon product photo requirements. So, guys, we hope you will get a clear idea what Amazon product requirements and how to process your photos. This blog post will also helpful for e-commerce product photo editing service providers.

Photo Background:

If you wanna to sell any product via Amazon then your product photos background must need to be white. You know that clipping path service is the best for background remove from the imageAccording to Amazon instruction, you can know that they are accepting only the pure white background that will be made by the value of RGB is 255/255/255. We are sharing a real-life practical experience with you that no other product photo backgrounds are not as standard and professional as like the white background. The White background will present your valuable product photos more clear than other versions.


Photo Position and Frame:

Photo position is one of the vital parts to make your product photos perfect. Amazon prefers the photos which are placed in the middle place of a photo frame. No problem how your photographer snaps your product photos. An expert Amazon photo editing company knows how to make your photos perfect by following Amazon rules. They know how to replace your photos in the middle portion of a frame.

Product Photo Size:

No, any guys cannot ignore this issue. Because product size is the main part of Amazon. They don’t accept any small resolution photos for selling any product. Your product photos must have minimum 1000 pixels. It will be better to have more height and weight on both sides that 1000px.  You know that Amazon has a zoom option. Buyers also love to see the product photos by using zoom option. So, take care of this important issue.


Other Formats:

There are some other valuable thinks for editing Amazon product photos. Amazone suggests you that don’t use logo or description in text on your product photos. But you can use any scale or size of any parts of your product images. It will give the clear idea to the customers. Never use dull or blurry photos on Amazon platform. Finally, we wanna share a thing about photo file format. Amazon only accepts the TIFF (.tif), JPEG (.jpg), or GIF (.gif) photo format. Among them, JPEG (.jpg) is the best option as like all other platforms.

We are listed in’s Image Editing ListingsWhere and How You Can Edit Your Amazon Product:

Now it’s the massive question how can you edit your Amazon photos? If you have no experience and good knowledge of Photoshop photo edit then you must hire someone or outsource company who is providing Amazon photo editing service. But one hidden thing we want to share with you. Nowadays huge companies are providing online image editing service. But maximum of them have not real life Amazon photo editing experience. Believe us. Clipping Path EU is most experience on Amazon image edit. They know how to fulfill the Amazon requirements. You are recommending you to use their valuable service at reasonable price.

Finally, happy selling and be proud to be a top-level Amazon product seller. The invitation is going to you for reading upcoming informative blogs.

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