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Important Information on Product Photos for Amazon, eBay Seller

Important of product photo editing: First impressions of a customer are very important when you selling something online. So, Photos are significant elements when trying to be unique out from huge competition and attract customers. It’s 100% sure that photos drive your product buyer confidence and they always love to see creativity and uniqueness in you newly arrive product photos.

All presents industry stars like as eBay, Amazon, as well as Google Shopping target to enhance the all customers experience by providing the users to react with the products photos in an effective way which closely to an in-shop real experience that allow the seller to get a real taste for all kind of product. To enrich their every single shopping or buying experience, these entire online selling platforms recently have announced they’re some new set of product photo requirements. So, as a product seller if you don’t follow their requirements then result could for a seller that his products surely not be listed on the selling platform.

eBay Product Photo Requirements

Recently, some new valuable requirements for the product photos on the eBay platform have applied to all sellers all over the world. Exactly same to the Amazon platform, now eBay requires the product image size to be minimum 500 pixels at the longest side, and excess photo decoration should remove. Though, eBay permits the use of photo watermarks for seller valuable attribution purpose.

Another important rule that added by eBay authority is that they are restricting the utilize of stock photos from their Catalog that already used, in order to avoid any confusion to the valuable buyer in the terms of quality of those items being sold. When a stock photo can be used anytime for 2nd hand options, then it can’t be the main photo representing your items for selling. Items in Movies, Books, Video Game, Music and some special product categories are already exempt from this special restriction; though, the consoles of Video Game must adhere to this. Finally, it’s the main speech that all of your products listings must need to have a unique photo which will be edited by following the eBay product requirements. You can use any clipping path service or photo background remover for your Amazon photos. 

Amazon Product Photo Requirements :

Amazon research team published an informative survey on customer’s experience that unique and good looking product photos improve the entire experience of the customers as it’s very easy for the customers to find out, test, judge and finally purchase that product.

You know that Amazon already has introduced their some new photo requirements that affect how the product sellers should be added to the Amazon channel. They announced that it’ll suppress those listings which are missing their main product photo from its browse and search bars across the EU marketplaces. Each of the listings will be visible and live to the customers, but only if the customers navigate them directly to the Amazon listing via their product code instead of searching by the keywords in their browsing bar or nodes. This valuable change impacts most of the product categories, with exception of the books, DVD, auto parts and automotive, scientific, industrial as well as trading card product categories.

Now, Amazon is strict in the requirement of photos that must accurately and clearly represent the original products for selling with at least or no-propping as well as it insists which listing products must not show the excluded props or accessories that can mislead the valuable consumer. Text t which is not an essential part of a product, any kind of inset photos, logos, watermarks are also going to against the Amazon product photo policy.

Choose an Experience Photo Editing Team for your Photos

So, it’s very significant to follow their product photo requirements to increase your product sell. When you edit your product photos then keep these valuable points in your mind. If you hire an Amazon, eBay product photo editor then always ask them what are they know the undated photo requirements.  Here we can recommend you that Clipping Path Eu is one of the well known and experienced product photos editing team who knows all the updated photo requirements of Amazon and eBay as well as all other online selling platforms. So, you can hire them without any doubt. Their photo processing cost is also very affordable. Use excellent product photos to be a great product seller.

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