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Clipping Path EU is a Specialized Clipping path service provider which some professional and expert graphic designers handle. We are providing the best quality Photoshop services over the world reputedly. Our buyers have excellent knowledge of our photo editing services and recognize it as one of the world’s best photo editing companies.

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It has become a top-class online photo editing firm for its exceptional graphic design skill and practical experience. Our clients are photographers, web developers, graphic designers, publication companies, image editing agencies, and organizations. Most of our buyers come from the USA, USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, and Japan. Clipping Path EU is the first choice for photo editing seekers. And they can easily differentiate us from competitors as a reliable Clipping Path Provider mainly for the reasonable price, TAT, Service Quality, and Customer support.

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Affordable photo cut out service with good quality, Professional Graphic Designers, Quick TAT, 100% Satisfaction Guaranty, and High-Speed Internet. 100% Image Security, Safe FTP System, 24 hours customer support, 100% Money-Back Guaranty, and Unlimited Redo. 3 Shit on a day, Bulk image processing way, reserved team for urgent delivery, Free Trial Option, And Fast Quotation System.


Clipping Path EU -Your Online Photo Editing Solution. We have vast knowledge and expertise to provide whatever your photo editing needs. It is an offshore image editing company with more than 200 professional graphic designers working here to provide the best quality photoshop services.

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Our company provide handmade clipping path, photo masking, shadow creation, background removal, eCommerce image editing, and Photoshop services. We feel pride in the fact that we can able to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of our photo editing services. Our customers depend on us for their image editing works with 100% trust. So we can proudly say that we are the best image editing services provider in the graphics world.

Quantity 21-150
$ 0.50 Per Image
Very Simple (e.g. mobile, can) $0.50
Simple ( e.g. wallet, sun-glass) $0.55
Medium ( e.g. bag Shoe t-shirt) $0.60
Complex ( e.g. jewelry furniture)$2.50
QUANTITY: 200+ Images
$ 0.25 Per Image
Very Simple (e.g. mobile, can) $0.25
Simple ( e.g. wallet, sun-glass) $0.30
Medium ( e.g. bag, Shoe, t-shirt)$0.35
Complex ( e.g. jewelry furniture)$2.00
QUANTITY: 1-20 Images
$ 1 Per Image
Very Simple (e.g. mobile, can) $1.00
Simple ( e.g. wallet, sun-glass) $1.50
Medium ( e.g. bag, Shoe, t-shirt)$2.00
Complex ( e.g. jewelry furniture)$3.00


A clipping Path is a vector path or shape that helps to create an outline to remove undesired parts from a photo. Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool uses to create a clipping path nicely. It is a basic but essential task in the graphic design or photo editing service sector. Like photo retouching, drop shadow, invisible mannequin, removing background from an image, and all of the image editing service that needs it to get a good result. Our expert designer provides excellent Image Editing to follow your instructions. Our Key Service Clipping Path helps to remove the background from an image. Also, we provide the following:

  • Photo retouching.
  • Background Removal.
  • Neck Joint Service.
  • Car image editing.
  • E-commerce product image editing.
  • Other Photoshop Services.

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clipping path

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a professional service in the photo editing sector. However, it is a simple technique that is essential in graphic design. For example, if you want to color correct a part of images, you need to separate them. And it helps to do it accurately. Likewise, clipping path is also required vastly in photo retouching, ghost mannequins, vector conversation, and more. Our professional designer utilizes Photoshop Pen Tool to remove the background from an image. And we never compromise with the Magic Wand Tool. As a result we become the best and well known photo editing company in the graphic design sector. And you can get high-quality and accurate photo treatment from us. More Details

Image masking

Image Masking

Image masking comes in the ideal technique when the clipping path does not seem enough to attain exact details of complicated areas like hair. Our Designers use the latest masking method to remove the background from an image and make precise natural object renditions. Advanced use of background removal is worthy of fuzzy-looking hair, skin, and fur. In contrast to the photo cut out that applies to hard edges, the Image masking technique around soft edges regardless of dark, gradient, and multi-color backgrounds. Best-quality image masking able our professional team to seamlessly remove the background from an image without missing out on tiny details. More details

Photo retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching service is an excellent tactic for making the images attractive. If you want to clean your image or remove the spot from your pictures, then photo retouching service will be a critical task for you. Clipping path EU a well-known image editing service provider, offers high-quality photo retouching service that delivers perfect images. No matter how your photograph captures your images. We can successfully remove spots and retouch product images to eliminate the slightest scratches. Our highly experienced photo retouch team edits photos by your style and preferences to ensure we meet your real image editing needs. More details

neck joint

Neck Joint Service

Image manipulation the best way to showcase your creations. The method involves taking one part of a photo then placing it into another, made to mix well in the image seamlessly. For example, clothing appears to be worn by an invisible mannequin, which contours to a winsome form accurate for catalogs. Clipping Path EU provides high-quality image manipulation service. We have a professional image manipulation expert team. They can do background replacement, mix and match pictures, add or remove objects, and more. If needed to give the photo complete looks, then our experienced graphic designer recreates the images nicely. If required to provide the perfect photo looks, then our skilled graphic More details

reflection shadow

Reflection Shadow

Change your photos from flat and dull to glossy in their best quality using a reflection shadow effect. A mirror effect or reflection shadow is the best way to gain an attractive and professional look for an eCommerce product image. It creates a 3D effect as the purpose casts a reflection shadow, set atop a clean and slick glass-like surface. We has an expert reflection shadow creation team. They make reflection shadows on any photograph following modern methods. Images refine by implementing the mirror effect for added depth while procuring the reflection shadow to deliver an attractive glassy appearance, as seen in magazines. Get our reflection shadow service at an affordable with 100% quality guaranteed. More details

drop shadow

Drop / Natural Shadow

Drop shadow the best technique to given the gorgeous look of your images. The shadow effect increases an object to give a sense of neutrality within a visual presentation. Our Designers can add or create a natural shadow under any lighting condition. No matter your product images, model photography images, and other images have real shadows or not. Our drop shadow expert team utilizes the latest software and exceptional techniques to provide an authentic image shadow. So, we are the best drop shadow making company in the graphic design sector. We keep the main shadows while enriching the object to stand out amidst the background. If needed, new shadows create a professional image that looks natural to the eye. More details

ecommerce product image editing

E-commerce Product Image Editing

E-commerce product image editing is essential for every online store to generate more views and increase Business revenue. Impress your traffic with beautiful product images that likewise help you build a quality image. For this reason, Clipping Path EU can be your first choice for all e-commerce image editing solutions that yield superior quality product image editing. Our services include eCommerce product image editing for Amazon and eBay, incorporating a white background for the image. Also, we provide photo resizing, cropping, removing the experience from an image, image alignment, and image optimization for the web. If you need any eCommerce image editing service, order from us to get quality services. More details

raster to vector

Vector Conversion

Vector Conversion is an exceptional technique for converting your raster logo or graphics into a vector. Convert a logo into a fully scalable vector graphic for use in a different platform or advertising tool. Raster images usually make up of pixels or dots of color that are of bad quality. But vector Conversion service turns them into best quality vector graphics that can reproduce in various sizes. Clipping Path EU provides a 100% handmade raster-to-vector conversion service. We professionally convert your images from raster to vector using the Illustrator Pen Tool. Order us your artwork or any photos you wish to vectorize. And we will complete the vector file in your desired format in the schedule. For more details


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