Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services:

 What is Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service?

Neck joint service is one of the perfect solutions to hide the mannequin from the dress photos. It sometimes called ghost mannequin or invisible doll mannequin. But the name depends on the country wise. If you are an online dress retailer or seller then you need to have good looking and perfect filling dress photos on your website or social media to catch the valuable customers. For snap your dress photos with perfect fitting then you must place your dress on a plastic doll or mannequin. After taking the photos you need to cut out the outside doll parts. So that only dress photos can go to the website. While you will cut the visible doll part your dress neck will be cut. Then finally you need to join the back part of the main part. That’s called neck joint service.Invisible mannequinClipping path EU free trail

Categories of Ghost Mannequin Effect In Photoshop:

*3D/360° packs hot Ghost Mannequin Effects.

*Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin.

*Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin.

*Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin.

* 3D/360° pack shot Ghost Mannequin Effects:

If you want to use 3D/360° image or Rich Media for e-commerce sites or animation video on Packshot Photography, send us your photo in various angles, and also join the lost parts (top, neck, bottom, sleeves). However, we also can Pack hot Retouch without the back parts.Ghost Mannequin

* Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

Removing mannequin from a dress creates a blank area at the neck. We join the back of the neck and the front parts’ photos to make a full shape and give a genuine ghost mannequin effect. Example of products: Shirts, trousers, jacket, lingerie, etc.Ghost mannequin service

* Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

The Photoshop effect is applied to the long tail garment items. Some items may have the back part longer than the front part viz Composer Tuxedo. Removing mannequin from such a product, the photo editor has to join the bottom part of Photoshop.

*Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

His service is needed to remove the mannequin from the hollow part of the sleeves and provide a ghost effect. The long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc. Then need the hollow effect to make a 3D shape. Later the neck joint experts remove this mannequin and fill up the blank place joining sleeves.Ghost mannequin service

Why Neck Joint Service:

When photographers take photos of cloth wearing it on a mannequin, at that time the inner side of the cloth remains unseen. If the product inner part needs to visible and to remove the mannequin from the image they do take a new photo of the product’s inner side. That time neck joint or ghost mannequin’s services are very important. Clipping Path EU Ltd is the best neck joint or a ghost mannequin’s service provider. You can check our quality in neck joint or ghost mannequin service by taking a free trial.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service:

If you are an online garments product seller or fashion dress seller then you must have neck joint service to make your product photos more attractive and catchy. Nobody likes to show the dress photos with doll or mannequin. That’s why store owners make their dress photos perfect by neck joint service to increase their product sales.

For dress photographers or eCommerce photographers neck joint service or process is very common. Because they need this ghost mannequin service regularly for making their photos perfect to use on the website. For such kind of photographer, we are the perfect solution. Our designers always keep in mind the clients’ demands and requirements. Our all existing clients are very happy with us and in our work.
If you want to judge our super quality work then we are recommending you to use our free trial service first. Then you will decide why we are different than all the other companies.

Neck joint serviceNeck joint service

We Usually Provide Service to Them:

Garments Industry – If you belong to the garment sector, you should take our ghost mannequin.
E-commerce Business – If you are running or working in an e-commerce business, then you need to maintain and edit lots of photos every day. Then you should try our ghost mannequin services to gain a lot of profit from your business.

Photo Editing Agency – Many photo editing agencies take our services on a daily basis. Our ghost Mannequin Photoshop service has a very good reputation.
Professional Photo Editor – Are you a professional photo editor, our neck joint or ghost mannequin services can save you lots of efforts and time.
Professional Photographers – Professional photographers need our neck joint or mannequin services if they are interested in using his/her photos for commercial purposes. So they can try our ghost mannequins or neck joint service.
Others – All kinds of professionals and personal users who work with photos can take our ghost mannequin effect Photoshop service to boost their works and get quality feedback.

 What Makes Us Special?

– We have 50+ Full-time Editors to provide ghost mannequin service.
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 Products for Neck Joint Service:

All kind of garment t-shirts, lady t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, shoes, cap, cargo pants, jackets, girl jacket, down jacket, coats, jerseys, polo shirt, necktie, party dress, party costume, sweater, women skirt, workwear, prom dress, trousers, children cloth, sport shoe, lingerie, lady belt, jean and all type of available products are needed the ghost mannequins services.

 How has Ghost Mannequin Done?

The ghost mannequin effect or neck joint is created by taking two images, one of the clothing of the mannequin, and another without the mannequin so the inside of the label is visible. Then the two images are patched together at the neck through the use of clipping path services thus creating the illusion of the ghost mannequin. Also, the color and brightness of the image are adjusted and creases are digital to make the product look more appealing to their target customers. Color correction is also used so you don’t have to showcase different colors with different images, you can change the color on a single image, which will save you the time and effort

Clipping Path EU tries to express all step list below :

Step 1: Photo clipping path

A minimum background is a primary requirement for obvious mannequin effect. Your photo background can restrain unnecessary facts that should be removed by photo background removal. Behind photos or inside undesired details should discard.

Mannequin photographs contain multiple angles photos worn by the models. As a result, there is a chance to be abstracted from the background details. At first, obstructs of the not required details removed by the photo clipping path. It makes the mannequin process easier and helps to make clear mannequin in further steps.

Step 2: Remove Ghost from the photo

After clipping of your photo efficiently remove the ghost or dummy from the photo. Eliminating all of the background and mannequins, filter the image mask a little to the edges. It helps to make the effect a fine and fresh look.

To make the mannequin illusion stand out, filter the edges repeatedly. Double-check the filter edges and makes sure that everything is in the position.

Step 3: Add neck joint

As you have taken several shots of the photos, it is time to use them now. Use the without mannequin photo and cut the neck. Add the neck to the filtered edge image. Fix the error of matching and edit like attachment exactly.

Step 4: Add shadow to the neck portion

To make the ghost effect sensible, add shadow to the collar portion. It is a very important step to take effect exactly. It is beneficial to come into view your images in a 3D view. The shadow beneath the collar area keeps the neckline triangle between the shoulders.

Step 5: Final retouching

Finally, you have done your entire shop mannequin, review your work carefully. Finishing retouching will include an evaluation of your work. Check the opacity, angle, shadow, and replacement of your photos.

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Clipping Path EU is best for ghost mannequin services?

Clipping Path EU Ltd is the best that has a good reputation for providing perfect, high-quality neck joint service at an affordable price. Our expert and well-skilled Photoshop editor know how to implement the best process to make the best outcome. We are a specialist in one ghost mannequin service. So, You chose us for your ghost mannequin effect.

We will keep the perfect edge and shape of your dress outline. If you need any special size for your garments dresses then we will provide it for the best neck joint service. Our designers easily can read the client’s mind about what they want to us. Our neck joint service will seem to fully natural and no artificial.

Because we will cut the back part carefully and place it in the proper place. After that, we will retouch at the joint part. Finally, we will add some natural shadow at the joining point. That will make the join professional and natural. We hope that our clients will judge us with a free trial. We providing best service at an affordable cost than all other companies