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How to mirror an image in Photoshop | Photoshop reflection | image flip

Mirror an image in Photoshop | Photoshop reflection | image flip

How to mirror an image in Photoshop?- Mirror an image and reflection shadow gives the item a look as though your item was captured on an intelligent surface, similar to a glass reflects. Utilizing Photoshop reflect shadows in item pictures can make a setting for the client and a subliminal impression of value. It is a straightforward and successful picture altering strategy that can profit your internet business store, index, handout, and magazine reflect and printing industry.

Photoshop mirror an image service is a standout amongst the essential photograph altering administrations for item show. There are a few items which look irregular and ugly in their crude, stripped, and wild arrangement. In such sorts of the photograph, you can enhance the quality by including the shadow. For this, shadow creation in Photoshop for item show is particularly imperative and vital. By and large reflection shadow, characteristic shadow, drop shadow or unique shadow is connected to item photos, for example, dress things (shirt, T-shirt, unmentionables, clothing, and so on.), item thing (book, table garments, pen, Machine Parts, wallet, level things, Jewelry basic ring, level chain, hoop, different adornments, and so on.) Apart from item photographs, shadows can be connected to demonstrate photography, bunch pictures, and common pictures, inside and outside photographs.

Reflection shadow benefit influences your pictures to seem, by all accounts. It is caught with an intelligent shell like a mirror. It can make your pictures all the more outwardly alluring and frame a feeling of a condition, so they don’t appear just as they’re drifting noticeably all around. Reflection shadow administration can be shocking, which will enable your picture to rise up out of your adversaries in multi-channel areas. It’s principally adequate with pictures that are frequently sold in stores with intelligent surfaces and marvelous lights, like shades and gems. Reflection shadow benefit isn’t particularly difficult to incorporate. Allow us to show to your business measures to add a reflection shadow to shades. “Clipping Path EU” Provides best quality mirror effect, image flip, reflection shadow service to their clients.

Variation of Photoshop Shadow Service:

  1. Natural Shadow
  2. Drop Shadow
  3. Reflection Shadow

Natural Shadow 

Natural Shadow shoe | Clipping Path EU


Drop Shadow:

Drop shadow | Clipping Path EU


Reflection Shadow:

Reflection Shadow | Clipping Path EU

We use this shadow service for make out image looks more attraction and natural. Reflection Shadow is a common term and frequently useable service in image editing sector.

How to create a mirror effect or reflection shadow in Photoshop?

Now we are going know about the process of how to mirror effect an image or reflection shadow by following some easy and quick steps.

What do we need for that?

  1. We need product image which we want to apply
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC.
  3. Previous knowledge about making clipping path or selection of an image.

So, we can start now-

Step 1:

Open an image in Photoshop and make a clipping path by using Pen Tool or you can make a selection by using another selection tool like- Quick selection tool, Magic selection tool, Background eraser tool, Magnetic Tool, Lasso tool and so on for removing your product image background.

Reflection Shadow clipping-path

Step 2:

While you finished your selection then make it active and add feather (0.05 or 0.5) on that image by pressing

(Shift+F6) or (Ctrl + Alt + Delete).

Reflection Shadow selection clipping path

Reflection Shadow Feather Adding


Step 3:

Make a copy of the selecting image by pressing (Ctrl + J) and fill the background white by taking another white new layer and merge both layers.

Reflection Shadow white background


Step 4:

Duplicate this layer product image or copy this layer and transform the product image by pressing (Ctrl + T) and click right button for selecting the Flip vertical option. By applying this process the product image will be flip and adjust it on the bottom of the original product.

Reflection Shadow vertical image


Reflection Shadow flip image

Step 5:

After that make a layer mask on this layer.

Step 6:

Then select the Gradient Tool and select the gradient Top fill color from the gradient submenu.

Mirror effect Gradient tool .jpg

Step 7:

Now we need to apply the gradient mask by turning bottom to top for that the layer should look like a reflection.

Reflection Shadow layer mask

Step 8:

Add Gaussian Blur by selecting Image filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Reflection Shadow Gaussian Blur


Final Image: 

Reflection Shadow Final image

Do the process by yourself.

If you want to check out our video tutorial-

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